Scientific and Expert Center
Koltsov Institute of Developmental Biology
Russian Academy of Sciences

Conference "Assessment of the Status of Biodiversity. A Study of Developmental Stability." (Moscow. May, 29)

Report. "Homeostatic Mechanisms of Biological Systems."

Workshop "Sustainable development and socio-environmental standards in science, education and enlightenment" (Moscow. UNEP. May, 23)

Report "Ecology and Sustainable Development: Priorities in Education and Science".

Conference "Environmental Education and Priorities for the Modern Development of Moscow" (Moscow. April, 23)

Report ôEnvironmental Education and Priorities of Modern Development".

International Symposium "Ecology and Evolution: New Horizons" (Yekaterinburg■ April, 1-2)

Plenary report "Homeostatic mechanisms of biological systems: possible approaches to evaluation."

Discussing Priorities for Sustainable Development

The congress held a discussion of national and regional (at the Eurasia level) priorities in the field of ecology and sustainable development in the key of the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals...

All-Russian Conference źNoosphere and Sustainable Development╗, Samara ľ Tolyatti

Roundtable: źSustainable Development: Education and Youth Movement╗

Development Strategy of the Russian Arctic Territory and Providing National Security for the Period up to 2020

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