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Sustainable Nature Management: Problem Statement and Regional Experience

Assurance of sustainable nature management is perhaps the main priority in the modern world. Practice shows the intricacy of successful advance along this road in attempts to solve problems of sustainable development in isolation from acute economic and social issues that are still the primary concern of all. This determines the promising way of cardinal improvement of the situation: the assurance of sustainable development must contribute to the solution of socioeconomic problems.

Key Aims and Objectives to Improve State Forest Management and Expand the Forest Sector in Russia

The improvement of state forest management and the expansion of the forest sector are two central aspects of the Strategy for the Development of the Forest Complex of the Russian Federation until 2020. To implement the strategy, it is necessary to establish an appropriate legal framework.

Priority Tasks of the Russian Water Utilization System

Russia must choose a way for intensification of its economy. In this connection, it is ne-cessary to promote resource saving rather than expand new raw-material industries. This fully applies to our ineffective water management when water bodies in industrially developed regions are in a poor condition, the housing and utility sector is, in the best case, at the level it used to be fifty years ago, and new agricultural water consumption technologies are being introduced far too slowly, if at all.

Problems of Sustainable Land Use in Russia

Issues related to the conservation of the environmental potential by economic methods have acquired special importance in recent years. This is due to the fact that nearly all economically advanced states consider addressing environmental problems as a pre-requisite for their sustainable and successful development.

Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Development

In recent years, nanotechnology has been treated as one of the key priorities that constitute part of all vital spheres of human activity. Here, it becomes clear that expansion of nanotechnologies is considerably outpacing the assessment of their impact on the environment, plants, animals, and people, while currently available data on this topic are fragmentary and conflicting.


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