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Sustainable Development: Problems and Prospects. Towards the Rio+20

Today the world faces new challenges. The modern world development results in a depletion of the natural resources, an increase of negative environmental impact, a deterioration of a biosphere balance. The consequences of the climate change have become perceptible everywhere. It results in a worsening of social problems and limits the scope for a further development.

Sustainable Development and Civil Society. Rio+20 - New Opportunities

Sustainable development The essence of this idea lies in the necessity to "inscribe" our constantly growing demands in the planet natural capacity. The idea is not new; its official life in the world community will soon be 20 years old. Few political slogans have lived for so long. Some people say that it is time to propose something new. Perhaps, it would be advisable to change the slogan and to present the idea in a different way. Yet its essence will never become outdated. It establishes the rules of the game and is a condition of survival.

An Initiative to Approve an International Ethic Code for Sustainable Development (on the Earth Charter base)

Mankind starts to realize that an increased frequency of social and natural abnormalities are consequences of our wrong behavior, to realize its responsibility for the future of the planet. There is an urgent need to consolidate the efforts to improve the situation. In order to determine priorities for joint action one have to refer to the generally accepted rules of conduct, ethic code approved by the global community.


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