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Koltsov Institute of Developmental Biology
Russian Academy of Sciences

Stavropol Krai

V.F. Zhuravel’
Associate Professor, North Caucasus Humanitarian and Technical Institute


Specific Controls Over the Sustainable Development of Agrarian Nature Management of Stavropol Krai

    Agrarian production is one of the most important industries of the economy of Stavropol’ krai.
    Different soil and climate conditions of individual agricultural zones predetermine the diversity of arable crops and their production specialization.
However, as a result of low prices for agricultural products, insufficient budgeting, asset depreciation, and the unavailability of bank loans owing to high interest rates, the capital assets of a number of industries of the krai’s economy have practically stopped renewing and are quickly wearing out.
    The increased burden on equipment resulted in violations of technological agricultural processes and environmental damages.
    To solve the existing problems, it is necessary to modernize the krai’s nature management socioeconomically and technologically, which would make it possible to create modern postindustrial society with a sufficiently high level of welfare and social maintenance.
    This model of sustainable development should rest on the resource-saving and environment-protecting method of management, which implies reaching definite results without irrecoverable losses of resources. At the current, postcrisis, stage of the development of productive forces, production facilities should be subject to innovative, rather than any, human labor. This human property will help accumulate new knowledge and transform environmental-economic relations into a sustainable system of the continual development of humankind itself, for example, into an innovative system of agrarian nature use.
    A rational compromise between qualitative and quantitative industrial indicators and the scales of spent natural and energy resources with their anthropogenic impact on the environment, particularly, on the state of the soil cover, may be reached by organizing agrarian production within this environmental-economic system.


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