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Krasnodar Krai

M.V. Tereshina
Professor, Kuban State University

Problems and Priorities of Sustainable Development: Experience of Krasnodar Krai

    Over the last several years, Krasnodar krai has been a leader among Russian regions with respect to the rates of economic dynamics. The region’s economy is based on natural-resource, demographic, technological, and infrastructural factors of development.
    The deterioration of the environment’s state, imbalance of interests in nature use, insufficient observance of environmental requirements in implementing a number of large-scale projects on the krai’s territory, lagging of environmental compensational measures, and discreteness of environmental legislation are some of the problems that lead to the growth of the number and scale of social-environmental conflicts in the region.
    Obviously, the state of the environment may in the near future become a factor that will increasingly stronger hinder the region economic development. Hence, the krai’s future sustainable development depends on solving a number of problems, such as providing the existing economic structure with necessary resources under a simultaneous decrease in negative environmental impacts, improving the structure of the economy in favor of the development of the market of environmental goods and services, and forming institutional conditions for the optimization of the use of the natural resource potential. The formation of this mechanism should be based on the system of environmental education and enlightenment, a higher inclusiveness in the access to resources at the expense of public participation in making environmentally significant decisions, the propagation of positive practices of resolving social-environmental conflicts, and social-environmental monitoring.
    Reaching environmental indicators is not a goal but rather an instrument or type of limitations that, when imbalanced, become a serious obstacle for achieving the objectives of the region’s sustainable development. Moreover, Krasnodar krai has all prerequisites today for being the country’s model region to develop the strategy of sustainable nature use.


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