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Republic of Kalmykia

R.A. Medzhidov
Regional Coordinator of the UN Program of Development and the Global Environment Facility «Conservation of Wetland Biodiversity in the Lower Volga Region»

The Factor of Sustainable Development in the Concept of the Socioeconomic Development of the Republic of Kalmykia up to 2015

    The Republic of Kalmykia is a unique region from the point of view of its potential for development. Over the last several years, despite difficulties of the transition to the market economic system, macroeconomic stability has overall been ensured.
    In working out a perspective territorial economic policy oriented to the interests of citizens and to the creation of decent living conditions on the entire territory of Kalmykia, it is necessary to proceed from the republic’s competitive advantages, which may help improve qualitative parameters of economic growth.
    Land resources are the base of the republic’s economy. Natural and climatic conditions of the Republic of Kalmykia are friendly for the construction of generators based on renewable energy sources. The use of local renewable energy resources will make it possible to save a substantial amount of liquid and solid fuel.
    With regard to helioresources, the republic is among the friendliest regions of the Russian Federation for the construction of solar electric power plants and a wide use of solar collectors for heat supply. The presence of diverse natural landscape conditions and unique balneological resources and objects of historical and cultural legacy favors the effective development of tourist and recreational facilities.
    A priority trend in the socioeconomic development of the Republic of Kalmykia is to supply high-quality drinking water, which will require to complete the construction of the Iki-Burul clustered water supply, involving connection to the Northern Levokumskoe groundwater field. Commissioning this water pipe will favor the development of industrial enterprises and the creation of a friendly environment for small business.


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