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Koltsov Institute of Developmental Biology
Russian Academy of Sciences

Saint Petersburg

I.A. Shmeleva
Associate Professor, St. Petersburg State University


The Sustainable Development of St. Petersburg

    St. Petersburg has a good potential for moving toward sustainable development; however, to actualize this, it is necessary to meet certain conditions. In our opinion, they are the following:

  • democratic elections of the city governor (mayor) for a definite term, involving the determination of his or her personal responsibility for the quality of the environment and life in the city;
  • system strategies of sustainable development for the city;
  • the development of legislative acts to actualize strategies of sustainable development;
  • the legislative consolidation of instruments of democratic governance and public participation in making strategic decisions and controlling the implementation of sustainable development strategies;
  • the intensification of efforts in vocational education for sustainable development, especially at the university level, as well as the professional development of industrial and business leaders and city administration officials in the sphere of sustainable development;
  • the development of PR technologies for the purposes of sustainable development; and
  • efforts targeted at turning environmental consciousness toward the priority of environmental values from those of power and here-and-now economic profit, which should become the base for the development of environmental culture.


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