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Koltsov Institute of Developmental Biology
Russian Academy of Sciences

Kaliningrad Region

S.A. Umanskii
Associate Professor
V.I. Sauskan
K.V. Tylik
Dean of the Faculty of Bioresources and Nature   Management, Kaliningrad State Technical University

The Strategy of Sustainable Development is a Systems Approach to Solving Environmental and Socioeconomic Problems of Kaliningrad Oblast

    One of the most important priorities of the development of Kaliningrad oblast is the quality of life, which, in the opinion of the authors of this article, includes the following main blocks: economic, political, social, and environmental. We propose a system of indicators of sustainable development, which will make it possible to characterize the current state of the territory’s social-environmental-economic system and forecast its further development. Such modeling implies the necessity to fulfill the gradual development of respective program documents according to the following pattern.

  1. Specifying and gradually actualizing the scheme of the oblast’s territorial and landscape planning on the basis of a complex (systems) approach. This will make it possible to establish admissible scales of anthropogenic impact for different land and water areas.
  2. Developing a model describing the current state of the natural environment in Kaliningrad oblast. The tasks of this model include elucidating problems of nature use on the territory under study.
  3. Modeling the consequences of the environmental impact of the proposed variants of the oblast’s medium- and long-term development.
  4. Substantiating and choosing an optimal way of the oblast’s socioeconomic development to reach the established parameters of life quality and the territory’s sustainable development with account for necessary environmental protection measures.
  5. To create conditions for the sustainable development of Kaliningrad oblast, it is necessary to work out a mechanism of actualizing a respective strategy.


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