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Koltsov Institute of Developmental Biology
Russian Academy of Sciences

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G.A. Knyazeva
Professor, Syktyvkar State University


The Sustainable Development of Northern Territories Under Modernization

    Regional universities should play a special role in transferring to the sustainable development of northern territories.
    A step toward a university as not only an educational and research but also advisory center for the development of local communities (region - municipal unit - settlement) is the creation of the Center of the Sustainable Development of the North under Syktyvkar State University.
    The Center of the Sustainable Development of the North under Syktyvkar State University should become the region’s educational and scientific center that will make it possible to improve the quality of educational services and to use the potential of the teaching staff for elaborating proposals on the region’s sustainable development.
    With regard to research activities, the center started developing the topic «Organization of Local Communities proceeding from the Principles of Sustainable Development».
    The purpose of developing this topic is to propose a model of modernizing the economy of the northern territories (region - municipal unit - settlement) on the basis of sustainable development indicators.
    To accomplish this, the following tasks will be solved:

  1. Singling out types of local communities and developing differentiated models based on sustainable development principles.
  2. Forming social clusters in the municipal periphery, which will ensure the integration of culture, traditions, traditional trades, and economic activity.
  3. Developing a mechanism of partnership between households, entrepreneurs, authorities, and structures of civil society on the basis of a network system and transferring to horizontal forms of coordination.

    The main result of these studies will be the development of an inventory of the transfer of local communities from the traditional rental model of development to the model of a trainee community adapted to innovations.


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