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M.A. Fomenko
Director, Center for Sustainable Development of the Institute “Kadastr”


On Sustainable Development of the Yaroslavl Region

    The necessity to achieve sustainability in the development of the Yaroslavl region today is evident. Back in 1994, the Decree of the President of Russia about the need to move toward a sustainable development model was passed. All levels of government are talking about the importance of the transition to a socially oriented innovation development.
    Yaroslavl Region is one of the most industrialized regions of the country.
    Sustainable development is possible only if the need for such an approach is not only recognized by people, but they also are ready to act in this direction. The specialists of Research and Development Enterprise “Kadastr” studies were carried out in all municipalities in the Yaroslavl region. We study representations of the leading local managers and the public about the sustainability of their territories, of the content and meaning that they understand in this idea.
    There are three components in the problem of sustainable development of the territories: economic situation, development of human and spiritual spheres, and protecting the environment.
    The biggest concern of leading specialists of municipalities caused underestimation of the questions of human development, spiritual sphere as well as environmental engineering and environmental protection.
    Studies have shown that perceptions of a happy future vary considerably among different social groups. It is important to integrate approaches that represent the interests of different groups (from political elites to ordinary people), bring together the priorities for regional and local levels of territorial development.
    The presence of powerful groups of “combined interests” that are interested in a real liberalization and modernization of Russian society, is a basic condition for possible changes, because the respect, respect for nature, animals and plants is inseparable from respect for the individual, the consideration of life as the ultimate goal of any development.


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