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Tula Region

N.P. Ivatanova
Professor, Tula State University


To the Necessity of Creation of the Regional Institute for Sustainable Development in Tula Region

    The achieving of environmental and economic optimum of the development is one of the basic conditions for sustainable developmet of the economy and quality of life of its population.
    The regions of the Central Region of Russia have the highest human pressure associated with the concentration of environmentally hazardous of enterprises with a great amount of wastes.
    Using statistical data we have considered a model of relationship of basic socio-economic and environmental indicators for the regions of Central Russia. Tula region, having the smallest area, has a high population density, large specific enough share of industrial production and the highest rate of contamination of the environment.
    Large enterprises of metallurgy, chemical, mining, engineering and defense industries are in the region. The European largest deposit of gypsum is developed, there is a potential for the development of mineral resources. In the Tula State University, is a department Environmental protection, there are experts involved in environmental economics and environmental law. There are unique projects aimed at creating environmentally friendly production, improving quality of life in the region.
    The need to create a regional Institute for sustainable development is evident. Primary actions that are seen by us are the following:

  • Development of a regional sustainable development conception of the Tula region, taking into account regional characteristics and natural resource potential, aimed at improving the quality of life;
  • Consolidation of the scientific community and businesses of Tula and Tula region to solve the environmental problems of the region;
  • Exploring and promoting low-waste and non-waste technologies;
  • Conduction of various educational and enlightenment seminars, lectures, conferences for sustainable development;
  • Conduction and participation in the environmental expertise of projects and business plans that are realized in the region.



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