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Tambov Region

N.N. Uvarova
Associate Professor, Tambov State University,
Member of the Civic Chamber of the Tambov region


Regional Initiatives for Sustainable Development in Tambov  Region

    Creating of economic, social and ecological basis for sustainable development is impossible without participation in the process of local communities, designed to search different ways and means of achieving sustainable development in concrete regions.
    The main approaches to solving environmental problems are reflected in the “Strategy of socio-economic development of the Tambov region for the period up to 2020”, and in long-term target program “Ecology and Natural Resources of the Tambov region in 2009-2012”. The main purposes of the last one are the balanced development of the natural resource base to meet the needs of the population and the regional economy in fuel, energy, mineral, water, forest and water resources, and ensuring the constitutional rights of citizens to a healthy environment.
    In general the environmental situation in the Tambov region is relatively favorable, but the level of negative impact on the environment of a number of industries is still high.
    Air pollution, water reservoirs, the presence of illegal dumping, and the waste-disposal questions should be mentioned among the environmental problems.
    The lack of regional regulatory framework and economic stimulation for users of nature leads to a weak interest in environmental regulations complying.
    Almost nonworking system of attracting the population and environmentally-oriented non-government organizations does not allow the development of public environmental movement.
    The recreational potential of the region is poorly understood and isn’t used.
    So the deep restructuring of relations between society and nature is needed. As an institution that performs the function of the cluster can become a regional research center that is able to join together government, business, scientific and public organizations. There is such experience in the country, for example, the Institute for Sustainable Development of the Public Chamber of Russia.


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