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Bryansk Region

N.L. Kochegarova
Professor, Bryansk State Engineering Technological Academy
L.K. Komogortseva
Bryansk Regional Duma Deputy


The Directions for Sustainable Development of the Bryansk Region

    Regional sustainable development is possible with political stability, profitable socio-economic status and friendly environment. Each region of the Russian Federation has its own characteristics. There are activities in the following areas in the Bryansk region.
    Energy Conservation - natural gas conservation, electricity conservation, heat conservation and water budget conservation through reduction of subsidies to pay for heat.
    Forestry. A significant portion of the forest is related to protective forests. Opera-tion-commutation forests cover 46%. The 170 000 hectares of forest located in the zone of radioactive contamination after the Chernobyl acci-dent.
    152 sites of approximately 184 thousand hectares have the status of protected areas of regional importance. As part of protected areas of the Bryansk region at least 25 objects are classified as promising to give the status of a “natural monu-ment of regional importance” and are of international environmental significance. These areas may be used for de-velopment of ecological tourism.
    Biodiversity. The Red Book of the Bryansk region including 133 vascular plant species and 5 species of fungi, as well as dozens of species of fauna. For biodiversity conservation in the area set aside 98 areas with the status of protected areas. Necessary to implement a comprehensive program based on the introduction and reintroduction of plants.


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