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Belgorod Region

V.P. Samarina
Associate Professor, Stariy Oskol Technology Institute

The Problems of Sustainable Development of the Belgorod Region

    Belgorod Region is characterized by a developed industrial and social infrastructure, has good material and technical base, shows relatively high levels of social and economic development, and has investment appeal. The volume of fixed capital expenditures increased more than 11 times during the period from 2000 to 2008. At the same time, the proportion of investment aimed at environmental protection of the total investment capital was practically unchanged, accounting for the entire study period of less than 1%.
    In Russia the idea of sustainable development is substituted with the idea of stable economic growth. Achieving the economic goals of the development of country and its regions is overemphasized, and social and environmental problems appear in a subordinate position to economic problems.
    The proportion of the main environmental foundations in the total volume of fixed capital of the Belgorod region is also reduced. It should be noted that the same situation is in the other regions of the Central Black Earth economic Region.
    It can be stated that the current situation in the Belgorod region is fundamentally opposed to “Agenda 21”, voiced at the UN Conference in Rio de Janeiro in 1992: “For the achievement of sustainable development, environmental protection shall constitute an integral part of the development process and cannot be considered separately”.
    In general it may be noted that by providing a high level of socio-economic development mainly through the exploitation of natural resources, regional authorities of the Belgorod region do not pay enough attention to the goals of sustainable development. This will inevitably affect the quality of life for future generations, whose natural capital is irrationally consumed at present.


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