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Social Forum on Energy Efficiency and Climate Change (September 23, 2010. Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation, Moscow)

     Priority areas for discussion, the Forum: «Energy efficiency and sustainable development», «Climate Change. Health», «Environmental Education», «Energy Efficiency. Renewable Energy», «Ecological Hot Spots».

    With the installation Presentations V.M. Zakharov (Institute of Sustainable Development), S.N. Bobylev (Moscow State University), A.M.  Adam (Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of the Tomsk Region), A.A. Averchenkov (UNDP), B.A. Revich (Institute of Economic Forecasting), A.N. Zakhlebniy (Institute of Content and Teaching Methods), V.S. Karagashkin (Moscow Center for Profile Preparation).

    As a result of the Social Forum on Energy Efficiency and Climate Change was adopted by resolution.


    The participants in the Forum acknowledge the principal importance of civil society in the proactive implementation of energy efficiency measures and economic modernization to ensure sustainable development and propose the following.

  • Engage people at large in the implementation of energy-saving measures and the use of renewable energy sources by public service announcements, expert proposals, and dissemination of best practices.
  • Ensure the active participation of civil society in the implementation of ideas of sustainable development and development of the Rio+20 movement, including the development of a network of sustainable development institutes as social policy institutions.
  • Support civil initiatives within the program Improving the Environmental Situation in Russia: Hot Spots, Action Priorities.
  • Contribute to the implementation of programs for the reduction of the negative impacts of climate change, pollution, and environmental degradation on human health.
  • Promote the development of environmental education and enlighten people in energy efficiency and climate change issues.
  • Use the Social Forum as a platform for pooling the efforts of representatives of civil society and expert community and for the development of international cooperation.



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