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International Conference «Modernization of Economy and Sustainable Development»

    The conference was organized by the Institute of Contemporary Development, the Institute for Sustainable Development of the Russian Public Chamber, and the Heinrich Böll Foundation (Germany). The goal of the conference was to discuss Russian and German experiences of modernization, to elucidate the main trends and ways of modernization, and to agree interaction between the Russian and German business communities in this sphere. The conference was opened by E.Sh. Gontmakher, a member of the board of the Institute of Contemporary Development; V.M. Zakharov, director of the Institute for Sustainable Development; and R. Fücks, chair of the board of the Heinrich Böll Foundation. Keynote papers were presented by M. Jänicke, a professor at the Free University, Berlin (“Environmental Modernization: The Experience and Prospects of Development in the World”), and  S.N. Bobylev, a professor at Moscow State University (“The Role of Environmental Modernization for Russia’s Sustainable Development”). The conference included two discussions: “Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy Carriers, and Climate Change” and “Russia on the Way to Sustainable Development.” Russian and foreign experts took part in these discussions.


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