Joint programme of the
Center for Russian Evironmental Policy &
the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation

Energy Efficiency: Outlook for Russia (Regional Experience and Expert Proposals)

    Rich experience have already been accumulated by regional programs in energy efficiency; new programs are being developed, including the energy review of industries and enterprises, the definition of solutions to the problem, the organization of control, training, and the direction of the public. New technologies and software are being proposed. Good prospects for “low-carbon” development are pinned on carbon-emission accounting, renewable energy resources (primarily, to support remote and underpopulated regions). Experience is being accumulated in waste disposal, including energy-saving bulbs.

    Nongovernment organizations and public chambers of many regions have joined in the work for energy efficiency. The main area here is environmental education and enlightenment. It includes individual classes and training programs, interactive methods, contests and promos, educational centers and public newspapers. The efficiency of this work now raises no doubts: experience shows that simple enough and accessible-to-everyone measures make it possible to economize up to 25% of energy.


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