Scientific and Expert Center
Koltsov Institute of Developmental Biology
Russian Academy of Sciences

Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Development

    Raising energy efficiency is a priority task for Russia’s socioeconomic development. Energy efficiency is extensively represented in indicators of sustainable development. Today, energy efficiency is given a high priority in all indicators and systems developed and widely used by international organizations, such as the United Nations Organization, the World Bank, and others, and by some countries.

    For Russia, energy efficiency is a key indicator that characterizes the sustainability of the country as a whole and the energy sector. Therefore, it may become the nation’s essential long-term indicator to be built into programs, strategies, concepts, and projects at the federal and regional levels.

    The country and the regions have gained certain experience and have a good potential for accommodating and evaluating energy-related indicators. To enable their extensive use in decision making, it is necessary that Russian state statistics include, both federally and regionally, priority indicators reflecting the energy factor: energy intensity and its types; greenhouse gas emissions by region; population living in polluted territories (cities and towns), and others.



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