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Social Forum of Energy Efficiency and Climate Change

    On 30 September, 2009, the Social Forum of Energy Efficiency and Climate Change was held at the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation.
    The Forum is an informal association of representatives of the general public and business and scientific communities. It is aimed to ensure active involvement of civil society in the development and implementation of proposals to improve energy efficiency and accelerate innovative sustainability in Russia.
In the course of the Social Forum, representatives spoke on the part of

  • state structures (Federal Service for Hydrometeorology and Environment Monitoring, Russian Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology, and others);
  • the business community (Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, Russian Commerce and Trade Chamber, and others);
  • the expert community and the general public (Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow State University, Higher School of Economics State University, Energy Forecasting Agency, Greenpeace Russia, WWF Russia, Center for Russian Environmental Policy, etc.).

    A number of expert developments were presented as follows:

  • Energy Efficiency, Climate Change, and Low-Carbon Development;
  • Promotion of Power Engineering Based on Renewable Sources;
  • Expansion of Joint Implementation Projects.

    The Social Forum on Energy Efficiency and Climate Change adopted a resolution summarizing the Forum’s results.

    Participants in the Forum express concern about growing negative anthropogenic impact that leads to climate change and heavier pollution levels resulting in health impairments, degradation of the environment, and depletion of natural resources; realize the importance of the assurance of energy efficiency for sustainable development; and propose as follows:

  • The Legislative Assembly of the Russian Federation should speed up the adoption of bills to improve energy saving and energy efficiency;
  • The Government of the Russian Federation should build capacity for the energy efficiency program and support joint implementation projects;
  • Civil society and businesses should take an active part in the implementation of energy saving measures;
  • The Government of the Russian Federation should ensure the country’s active participation in negotiations aimed at expanding international cooperation in energy efficiency, climate change prevention, and sustainable use of natural resources and ensure the development of international and national mechanisms for ecosystem services compensation to conserve the world’s and national natural resources, including forests, wetlands, and others;
  • The Social Forum should be regarded as a platform to consolidate the synergies of representatives of civil society and scientific and business communities and as a site for building constructive international partnerships.

    The Forum’s participants invite all interested organizations and individuals to join.


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