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Legislation as a Tool for Implementation of National Environmental Policy (Important Focus Areas)

    The strategic goal of state environmental policy is defined in the Environmental Doctrine of the Russian Federation as the conservation of natural systems, the maintenance of their integrity and life-support functions for sustainable development of society, the elevation of the quality of life, the improvement of public health and the demographic situation, and the promotion of the country’s environmental security.
    The expansion and perfection of environmental legislation can be discussed in terms of filling the gaps with concrete regulatory acts that are needed to improve the efficiency of environmental protection in a number of focus areas. This approach involves the adoption of federal laws on environmental charge, soil protection, insurance of civil responsibility for environmental harm, environmental audit, non-forest plants, and areas of environmental concern. It may be expedient to adopt laws on drinking water, radioactive waste handling, and some others. As regards the international aspects of Russian environmental policy, the current legal framework should be complemented, as dictated by national interests, to provide for Russia’s adequate participation in international agreements and timely implementation of the rules of international environmental law.
    The criterion of social acceptability for environmental law is its ability to effectively guard the interests of the general public and individuals in the realm of nature use and environmental protection. The harmonization of state, public, individual, and entrepreneurial interests may become a connecting idea and a joint goal for the state and civil society in the sphere of environmental policy and law.

    M.I. Vasilieva
    Lomonosov State University, Moscow


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