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Key Aims and Objectives to Improve State Forest Management and Expand the Forest Sector in Russia

    The improvement of state forest management and the expansion of the forest sector are two central aspects of the Strategy for the Development of the Forest Complex of the Russian Federation until 2020. To implement the strategy, it is necessary to establish an appropriate legal framework.
    To execute the Strategy for the Development of the Forest Complex in the Russian Federation and improve forest legislation, it is necessary to solve a series of legislative and organizational problems, namely:
    1. To elevate the legal status of forest as a special object that is closely re-lated to land;
    2. To recognize the availability of a national forest program as a mandatory element of state forest management;
    3. To build a three-level system of state forest management (at the federal, regional, and local levels);
    4. To ensure that forest management be exercised in the interests of the state, which is the owner of forests, under state orders, and at the expense of funds from the state budget;
    5. To foresee a possibility of developing a traffic system invested by the state;
    6. To speed up the development of the national system of voluntary forest certification; and
    8. To maintain a licensing forest use system with a simplified document execution procedure and make local forest management bodies (state forestries) responsible for issuing licenses and allotting and approving wood cutting areas.

    A.S. Isaev, G.N. Korovin
    Center for Problems of Ecology and Productivity of Forests, Russian Academy of Sciences


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