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BRICS Civil Forum

    On July 3-4, 2024, the BRICS Civil Forum was held in Moscow. As part of the session “Ecology, energy transition and social justice,” the head of the Center, Vladimir Zakharov, made a report. The speech outlined a number of priority areas for BRICS cooperation through civil society. Among them:

Broad Movement for Sustainable Development
  • Ethic Code for Sustainable Development (Earth Charter International Initiative)
  • Sustainable Development Consortium. Stakeholders Association (National Sustainable Development Consortium)
  • Sustainable Development Club. Expert Community (Moscow Club for Sustainable Development, «The New World View» Report)
  • Youth Movement (Training of the Youth Leaders)

Education Priorities: Environmental Concern and Sustainable Development

  • Educational Programs and Guides on Environmental Concern and Sustainable Development. National Experience Overview («Sustainable Development: Ecology, Economy, Society, and Culture» Textbook, «Sustainable Development Education. Russian Regions Experience» Review)
  • BRICS Olympiad of School Students in Ecology and Sustainable Development (All-Russia School Students Olympiad in Ecology Movement)

Sports Movement: Environmental Concern and Sustainable Development

  • BRICS Charter and Standards “Sports Movement: Environmental Concern and Sustainable Development” (Russian International Olympic University Program, Olympic-2014 Heritage)


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